Dirigonzo's mission:  Helping you do good deeds
Think globally - Volunteer locally
Dirigonzo's philosphy is that the best way to make the world a better place is to help others. Everybody needs a little help from time to time, and providing it when you are able is the neighborly thing to do.  So when you have a little extra time, or even a little extra money, look around to find a way to use it helpfully - you'll feel better for having done a good deed and I'll bet you'll make somebody else very happy, too - that's what you call a "win - win" situation.

The Freeport Flag Ladies are 3 remarkable women who every Tuesday stand on Main Street and wave the American flag - they have done this every Tuesday since shorly after the terrorists attack on 9/11.  They do it as a way to show their patriotism and their support for US soldiers and veterans.  They could use your support; please visit their website Freeportflagladies.com, read their history and mission, view the photos of some of their accomplishments and if you like what you see, send them a check to help the cause.
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